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If your house alarm goes off, there’re already in!

BRT Security is the only security company dedicated to garden alarms and external protection systems.

Unfortunately it is now a fact of life that Creeper Burglaries (entering your property whilst your still at home or sleeping) is well on the rise and we are hearing about this and similar crimes almost on a weekly basis.  Although a home alarm is great for letting us know (If set at night!) when an intruder has already entered the house, however times have changed and it is now critical that we get the heads-up before a robber or attacker gets anywhere near your home

Going on personal experience as a victim of intrusion, The system is designed to be super reliable, robust and completely hassle free. As soon as someone steps in to your garden, the system will set off a silent alarm next to your bed as you sleep letting you know that person has breached the parameter of your property.  If someone walks on to your land, jumps the fence, wall or gate etc. the internal alarm will sound notifying only the people in the room that you sleep in.  The fully portable sounder is around the size of your hand so its easy to place anywhere around the home letting you know the second someone has taken an extra interest in what you have!

Weather your watching TV, cooking, studying, working in your office or even in the hot hub or bath, you can relax knowing that the system ensures that no one gets close to your home without you knowing about it!


The system is designed and built by us and is the only one of its kind in the world.