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As well as protecting you and your family whilst inside your home and whilst you sleep, the system also has a range of other benefits that include:

Private eye: If you are undertaking work within your home that is sensitive or private then the system will alert you to let you to let you know that you are no longer home alone!  Simply place the portable sounder on the desk in front of you and let the system be you’re your eyes and ears whilst ultra-sensitive work is carries out.

Gate access:  The sensors can also be set up and positioned to detect when perimeter (electronic and manual) gates opening and closing.

Keyless range extender:  Another rapidly growing crime is thieves using sophisticated computers whilst standing at your front door in order to extend the range from your car keys, allowing your car to be simply unlocked and driven off.  With the ….. system, you will be alerted the second they start their approach toward your car/s.

External assets:  The saying “If its not screwed down, it will be stolen” is sadly true now. Expensive assets left outside of your home such as Garden ornaments, pets, plants and bikes etc. is now at serious risk of being taken without your permission.  The system protects any valuable items left either during the day and over night