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Finally, a solution for farmers and land owners that's been designed and engineered especially for them!
With farm theft on the rise, land owners and farmers are growing increasingly frustrated as already one of the toughest jobs we know is being targeted more and more by thieves who seam to be getting away with their crimes the majority of the time as police number and resources dwindle, especially in rural areas. 
We at BRT have proudly re-designed our flagship Hawkeye system to meet the needs of farmers and the crime they face on a daily basis.  Our aim is to completely eliminate thefts from the farms we install our Hawkeye system on. 
Chains, padlocks, security lights and CCTV is clearly NOT working as thefts from farms, rural areas and agri vehicles theft is still increasing according to the NFU.
Eyes everywhere!
Hawkeye gives you the freedom to split your barns, outbuilding, properties and paddocks etc in to as many zones you like, giving you complete protection by implementing a electronic geofence around them that only detects the presents of the human body and nothing else!



an alternative to vulnerability!

The national picture

Rural crime has risen in almost every region of the UK. Our statistics shows that levels of quad theft, livestock theft and agri-vehicle theft have all increased since 2017 - NFU


Rural crime report 2019