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Finally, the Team at BRT Security have designed and engineered a bespoke solution for farmers

and landowners specifically to meet your needs. Let us help protect your livestock, machinery,

land and family.

No more confrontations with the increasing number of opportunists ready to take your prized

possessions. Stop your farm being a target, time after time.

The team at BRT Security want to eliminate rural crime once and for all, we believe we know how.

Chains, padlocks, security lights and CCTV is clearly NOT sufficient for working farms as thefts in rural areas with agri vehicles and livestock is still on the increase.


Perimeter Alert!

The Hawk-eye system allows you the freedom to split your barns, outbuildings, properties and paddocks into as many zones as is required, giving you complete control and protection. The installation of the Hawk-eye electronic geofence, detects the presence of the human body and not your animals!

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The national picture

Rural crime has risen in almost every region of the UK. Our statistics shows that levels of quad theft, livestock theft and agri-vehicle theft have all increased since 2017 - NFU


Rural crime report 2019

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