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Ring fence the things that are most valuable to you!

The team at BRT have long established that homeowners generally focus on internal security, outside security lights and alarm systems that are constantly triggered by animals or other objects setting off false alarms.

Smart crime is on the increase with criminals targeting your valuable assets on the outside of your home, hoping for a quick getaway.

The BRT Hawk-eye system has been developed to ensure it is the first point of defense against outdoor vandalism and theft of your valuables. A ring fence security system like no other, no more false alarms, no more intruders, crime prevention at its best.

All of our bespoke products are designed using leading edge technology, engineered and built with your protection as the motivation behind our drive for perfection, setting us apart from other security products. We have a solution waiting for you.

Call our team for a no obligation chat and find out how we can give you peace of mind.

0207-1120803 or email

Geofence - only from BRT
Close to house demo beams.jpg

Thames Valley Police Crime statistics

House burglaries

4,962 in 2020


Whilst at home


Increasing each year



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