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Geofence - only from BRT

Feeling safe within our own home should be a basic human right but the fact of the matter is that there are just as many threats that lurk whilst your family are at home during the day and when you are asleep at nigh as there are criminals wanting to break in to your home whilst you're away.


We at BRT security realise that the standard domestic alarm may not now be enough to give you and your family around the clock protection from all types of crimes we now face on a daily basis. 

We are able to provide unique products that are not available anywhere else and although oour systems are complex at the heart, for you the customer there is vertually nothing to do other than for you to carry on doing what you do best.

All of our bespoke product range is designed, engineered and built from scratch specific to your requirements and it's this that sets us apart from other security companies.

Thames Valley Police Crime statistics

House burglaries

4,962 in 2016


Whilst at home


Increasing each year