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Vulnerable building site!
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Taking construction security seriously!
Hawkeye can be set up to geofence a complete building site as well individual/high value areas within the site too. 
This means that there is now a low cost option that gives you complete protection whilst your site is unattended.
Multiple zones can be installed that can be slightly adjusted as the building project develops.  Hawkeye set-up can is bespoke to the individual needs of the site manager and when triggered can emit an alarm or sound of your choice (if on-site security is present) and can also activate floodlight just for that particular zone.  Other option may include an instant voice call from the Hawkeye system, a text message or a high resolution picture from individual activated zone (must be a 4g area).  An audible voice command letting the intruder know they have activated the site alarm can be triggered within the designated zone.
A solution to the problem of construction theft!
Construction theft value came to over £800m last year alone and still there is no end solution to this age old
problem, till now!  Using Hawkeye, as part of our construction package, BRT aim to bring night time thefts for each
construction site installation to zero! 


Construction thefts


Sites robbed

21%of all sites!

Minimum protection from construction vehicle thires!
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