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Panic not!
Your first line of defense is right here! Instantly activate your external alarm and covert floodlights (or just flood lights) with one push of a button.  Portable and light weight means that you can simply place it anywhere around the house and crucially on the bedside table whilst the family are sleeping
Panic button from BRT can be set up and configured bespoke to your individual needs so that lights only can be activated then sound if needed or both at a single push.
We believe in stopping a problem before it becomes a problem and our panic button is one of our products that does just that!
Its sad to say that a almost ALL families go to bed with no security and at the very same time criminals are waking up to work the night shift in their neighborhood!

Step 1

You see an intruder

Step 2

Push your panic button

Step 3

Intruder runs away!

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