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Only detects the human body!

Not cats




the neighbour leaving for work!

Monitored Hawkeye systems - Designed, engineered and built and exclusive to BRT security!
Having to deal with a real night time intruder can be some peoples worst nightmare. Here at BRT we realise this and also realise that not everybody prefers to deal with night time intruders themselves.  Hawkeye can be set up completely bespoke to our customers needs. This means that you now have the option of us being able to monitor your grounds between the hours of 10pm and 7am.  If your Hawkeye system is activated, it will send a picture of the activated zone straight to our monitoring station where we can examine the picture to determine that its a genuine threat and if it is then we will adhere to your preset protocol.  This can include calling the police straight away then calling you (or the other way round) or activating your panic button remotely
Hawkeye in action!
The two videos below shows Hawkeye doing what it does best by catching intruders red handed, saving you from having a really bad next day and also saving you from having increased insurance premiums for the next 7 years due to due to opportunists, thieves and burglars.  28% of burglaries happen when families are still at home and in many cases whilst their sleeping in bed. Sad to say but this figure is increasing rapidly and this is why BRT are the only company that engineers and builds the Hawkeye system from scratch.
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