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Smart phone app

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Security shouldn't be complicated!
We only use, supply and fit the leading brand of home security so you can be assured of having stability whilst at the same time taking advantage of a security system that's completely simple to use at the front end.
All security systems provided can be self monitored, meaning that if activated you will instantly receive a notification on your phone letting you know your home alarm has been triggered. You will be able to deactivate and reactivate your alarm from your smart app giving you fill control over your home security.
We provide you with systems that are right for your type of property and family and with ongoing support you can be assured that your BRT system continues to operate seamlessly.
There is a wide range of accessories we supply that can be added to your home alarm system including pet friendly PIR's, gas monitor, CO2 monitor, carbon monoxide monitor, flood monitor, fire detector and many more that can all be wireless link to your home alarm system.
Internal video monitoring can also be vied via your smart app.  PIR's with build in camera's are available as to maintain the high quality aesthetic look of your home.
All of the systems we provide are wireless so there is no longer any need for wires running all over your home then having a big installation bill at the end of it!
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